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"I am learning how to create a space to bloom in the same place I once withered."


What people are saying!

Taking this class was a wonderful experience, I thought about the right thing to say for a few days. I realized that my raw experience was a deep sense of gratitude after taking this class. I felt honored take part in the opportunity to lean into loving myself, and to share that experience, time & space with our small group. It felt like a relief to know I'm not the only one that struggles at times, its a universal experience. I left feeling fullness and joy by sharing with others seeing and being seen and heard by them.  Keva F.

I am so happy that I decided to take the Lean into Love course. I find myself trying to figure out tangible ways in which I can express love to myself because the negative self-talk can often overtake the action. Dr. Ikeranda asked thought provoking questions that provided me the opportunity to take a good look at myself; to realize that although at times I may operate in habitual acts of self-rejection...love is truly at the core of my being. The work is in accepting this.  Dr.  Ikeranda does not teach you how to love yourself, she teaches you how to access your innate power to do so. And to me, that is a true teacher. One who does not create the way, but leads you to it...as well as give you tools on staying out of your own way, lol. And for that, I am grateful.  Gabrielle F.

Ikeranda this was such a powerful class. Thank you for your time and energy to hold space for us all as we dove deep. I definitely feel a lot of clarity around the steps that I need to take to love myself more, thanks to your clear and precise observations and thoughts. It’s so amazing how you can walk into a class like that as strangers yet feel so intimate at the end. It’s because of your leadership and wisdom that could happen. I’m so grateful. With a big embrace —Rose C.