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Ikeranda C. Smith, PhD

Welcome! As a Coach, I am focused on efforts that aim to establish transformational learning experiences that cultivate collective care for individuals who are committed to doing their work. I am committed to helping you remove the barriers that interfere with how you connect with others. As a queer woman of color, I am committed to helping individuals gain a better sense of self-efficacy + learn how to engage in amazing connections that foster greater self awareness.

I offer heart-centered support that allows individuals to be seen, heard, + validated. I will extend compassion while offering practical tools + strategies that foster introspection + growth. My intention is to create a road map to healing that allows you to connect the dots while finding acceptance + peace.

Standing in the beauty of your truth + loving yourself through the process is essential in living an authentic life. If you are desiring a deeper connection with yourself + others in an effort to foster continuous evolution, let's work together to cultivate joy + authenticity.


LGBTQIA, non-binary, gender non-conforming, womyn, men


Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, Concentration: Teaching

Master of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

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